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August 17, 2021
by Penny White

Minutes of WPRA Committee meeting, 9th August 2021


Committee meeting held on Zoom at 8pm 9 August 2021


Present: Jennifer Crew, Penny White, Annemarie Macfadyen, Karen Liddle (part time), Dave Craggs, Brian Westcott, Richard Short, Sue Britton, Olwen Bellis.

Apologies: Colin Dollimore, Sandra Magilton, Susan Eva, Pauline Brown, Tracey Casey.

1. Minutes of last meeting: apart from notes added after the meeting about our Facebook page they were agreed as a true record by those who attended.
The red truck at the shops is still there but the Council have taken steps to remove it. The bottle bank has been emptied.

2. Treasurer’s Report: As per statement already circulated. There is no longer a charge for advertising on Facebook, we have paid for planting of planters and will have a second planting later in the year and two newsletters. Christmas lights still need to be looked at and checked. Jennifer and Sue will sort out a bid for funding from the Councillors for new posters and lights including a temporary tree for this year as the permanent one has died. We will check with Morreys for a replacement tree as the Council are too short staffed to look after it for possibly planting in the Spring and we look after it.

3. Membership: Colin submitted a report in his absence:
The current membership stands at 480 and is tantalisingly close to my target of 500.
There is still plenty of potential to exceed the target and I would suggest the following.
I can provide details of non- members in specific roads.
If committee members agree to canvas specific road(s) and contact just 5 to 10 householders we can get our numbers up.
Only part of the new Wrexham Road Development had Newsletters in June , so we need to provide copies to the remaining households.
Can Penny/Jennifer let me which roads have been done please. Penny has done this.
I will see if one of our existing members up there will take on the task for the September issue.
Is Tracey’s offer to canvass some of her non-member customers still available ?
Maybe we should focus on some of the roads most affected by the current drainage work chaos ?

There was a suggestion of canvassing previous members who had not renewed. Annemarie and Sue are happy to canvas with membership forms, a note could be included with the next Newsletter.
Regarding Kings Moat our Councillors are talking of setting up a Residents Association there. Any spare newsletters from deliveries could go back to Colin to send out to Kings Moat, maybe by a resident there. We suggested we would continue to deliver there until the end of the year.

4. Social/future events: It was decided that if we tried to hold a quiz in the hall we would probably have restricted numbers meaning it would not be worthwhile. We will concentrate our efforts on the Christmas lights. (Thursday 2nd December).

5. Kings Moat/WRD: Regarding the drainage works Welsh Water has sent an email to say that work has started on Whaddon Drive to be completed by 20th August but there is lots more to come. Traffic lights are in operation which is helping with traffic delays. A resident has asked if Redrow could stop the weeds on the site spreading into gardens by Greenacre Road. Brian has contacted Ian Jones who will deal with it.
Neil Sullivan is concerned about the funding from the Council for the new school, Belgrave is now an Academy and it is assumed the new school will be run through the Academy. We need a meeting or an update. Brian will arrange a meeting with the Council’s Education Officers to find out what is happening.
Houses are being occupied rapidly, particularly on the Redrow site. Taylor Woodrow Phase 2 does not seem to be going so well. The target was 100 houses a year but it appears to be more.

6. Winkwell Drive: The outcome to the Planning meeting was not what we had hoped for though we achieved a few changes to the design and a few concessions. There are still concerns regarding drainage. Howard Williams did a lot of work and is still asking questions and is monitoring the situation with Karen.

7. CRAG: Pauline submitted a report in her absence:
Wish to record thanks to everyone who responded regarding E-Scooters and Clockwise.
Attended an on line Meeting with CRAG Executive Members regarding both matters on 16 July 2021 and had representation from Jacob Goontiliake from Ginger E-Scooters and Kay Parry, Principal Engineer, Environment & Communities (CWAC). Both parties gave responses to our concerns and a response in turn has been sent to them for follow-up.
E-Scooters are working with CWAC on the trial and so far it has proved popular although they did take on board concerns expressed from residents regarding safety. It is likely that the E-Scooters will increase in numbers to approximately 100 across the City in various locations.
Kay Parry noted the suggestions regarding trying to ease Clockwise which although we accepted was necessary the economic impact was discussed regarding the time to navigate the system if it becomes gridlocked. She agreed to refer some suggestions to the Highways Department such as improved signage into the City warning visitors of the Clockwise System and also that it was not permanent!
Next CRAG meeting is due on September 2021 and I will provide further feedback.
Chester Rows – a consultation letter is attached for information in Word and PDF format. This is in connection with funds to improve shop fronts.
If you would like any particular issues raising at the next CRAG meeting, please let me know.

8. Newsletter/media: We will print the same quantity and keep spares for Kings Moat until the end of the year.
The new arrangements for our Facebook page seem to be working with the moderation panel. Inappropriate advertisers and potential members are being blocked.

9. Evergreen: Sandra submitted a report in her absence:
EVERGREEN’ will restart its sessions on 26th August at the Community Centre. Numbers will be limited to 30 members and we will modify our routine and put stringent measures in place to ensure the safety and comfort of our members and committee. The response has been positive, which is a great encouragement. Our sessions will continue with ‘in-house’ entertainment and we will monitor the situation and increase numbers as the need requires. It will be a learning curve for the committee, but it is time to take a positive move back to some form of normality, whilst still observing a degree of caution. We are confident all will go well. With regard to publicity, there will be an article in the September Newsletter. However, as we are only inviting limited member numbers to sessions for the rest of this year, it seems pointless to campaign for new members now. We intend to start our promotion in December for 2022, with the hope we can fulfil our completed 2022 draft programme of events in our usual manner.

10. Gardening Club: nothing to report.

11. AOB: There are surveys taking place : Police consultation ending 15th August. There is a National Bus Survey, ending 31st August. Links to these need to be publicised. The ‘conversation’ about the Local Plan has appeared on CWAC FB page.

Incredible Edibles have received permission to go ahead which means some bulbs may be moved but no timescale has been given.

Permission has been refused for a phone mast on corner of Lache Lane/Circular Drive.

Olwen brought up the deplorable state of the cul de sac parallel to Bartholomew Drive which is in a poor state and overgrown. Jennifer will have a look at it with Olwen and contact the Council.

Brian suggested a note in the Newsletter for residents to look after their verges and weeds in gutters etc, this and the grassed areas around the shops need regular care which it would appear residents will have to do as Council cannot. He will write up a piece. Maintenance/upkeep of the estate is still very poor.

12. Next meeting: 27th October 2021 at 8pm at the Community Centre (unless otherwise communicated). Dave will book the hall.

July 31, 2021
by Jennifer Crew

Proposed Boundary Changes – Chester

You may be aware that the Boundary Commission has proposed a review of boundaries to ensure that each MP has broadly similar sized constituencies.

The Boundary Commission (who are politically neutral) have suggested that Chester be split into two constituencies ie

  • Chester North – Chester North of the River Dee plus, Neston, Little Neston Willaston and Parkgate.
  • Chester South – Chester South of the River Dee ie Handbridge Park, Lache , Christleton and Huntington  is being merged with most of the current Eddsibury seat. This includes wards such as Farndon, Malpas etc which used to be part of the old Chester city council area. It does include some Cheshire East wards such as Audlem.

It does mean that there would be two Members of Parliament representing Chester and the constituency would be “Cheshire South which includes Westminster Park.

The current consultation closes on 2 August 2021 and after that there will be public hearings in 2022  before the final proposals which are anticipated in Summer 2022.

If you would like to make a representation, you can do so online via the Commission’s website: www.bcereviews.org.uk

There is a web form which you will need to complete. The form only accepts comments up to 10000 characters, so if you write more detailed representation please send in a Word document and send it as an attachment.

It important that residents have their say on the proposed changes and we encourage you to do so.

Jennifer Crew


July 19, 2021
by Jennifer Crew

Last chance to comment on the proposed development for 21 dwellings on the Winkwell Drive pond and field between Lache Lane, Lower Field Road and Rowcliffe Avenue

The proposed development by Blueoak Estates to build 21 houses on Winkwell field will come before the planning committee this Thursday 22 July.  If you have any comments to make about their revised scheme, they need to be submitted now.

Please note, if you commented back in December/January, you need to resubmit your objection because revised plans were submitted in June and they are treated as new.

 Points you may wish to comment on include:

  • These plans should be refused because this is a Local Wildlife Site, designated by our Council. This development will destroy over 70% of it. No measures have been put in place to prevent the remaining part of the site being developed in the future.
  • This will be a high density development of very tall houses situated very close to the boundaries of existing houses, some just 1-2 metres. Local residents will be significantly overlooked and impacted by the loss of privacy.
  • Because of the underlying clay, this area is subject to flooding as experienced by Rowcliffe Avenue/Merton Drive residents this winter. Part of the flood avoidance plan is to use the residents’ gardens to retain the water, but no conditions are in place to ensure that they don’t put patios or sheds on them.  Where is the water going to go?
  • Properties bordering the access road from Lache Lane will have traffic passing very close to their houses. No sound barrier treatments have been proposed.
  • CWAC housing completions are far in excess of targets – there is no need for these houses.

Comments can be submitted via the Council’s website https://www.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk/residents/planning-and-building-control/planning-and-building-control.aspx and need to refer to application number 20/04861/FUL


July 19, 2021
by Penny White

Minutes of WPRA Committee dated 30th June 2021


Minutes of Committee meeting held on 30 June 2021 on Zoom


Present: Jennifer Crew, Colin Dollimore, Sue Britton, Penny White, Olwen Bellis, Susan Eva, Richard Short, Sandra Magilton, Annemarie Macfadyen, Pauline Brown, Karen Liddle

Apologies: Dave Craggs, Brian Westcott, Tracey Casey

1. Minutes of last meeting of 14th April 2021 agreed as a true record by those who attended.

2. Treasurer’s Report: A statement had already been circulated to members of the Committee. There are expenses expected for newsletters and planting of planters and they may be more expenses for more Christmas lights etc. We hope to have a ‘switch on’ event on Thursday 2nd December.

3. Membership: currently stands at 454, Colin plans to have a table at the shops on Saturday at the Councillors’ surgery. If anyone wants to set up a SO to repeat the payment, this should happen on 1st of January, amend details on sub form.
Newsletters to Kings Moat still to be delivered.
Distribution at present 1700 – more newsletters are being printed, 1500 are distributed and approx 200 for shops and library for others to pick up.

4. Social and future events: There was some discussion about a summer community event eg picnic or bbq. However with ongoing uncertainties as to whether anything will be able to take place or anyone want to attend it is difficult to plan so we will leave it for now and possibly discuss an event in the autumn.
Mela event – not heard anything.

5. Kings Moat/WRD: Roadworks connected to drainage will take place on Lache Lane leading to a one way system from 8th July – 2nd August (traffic will be allowed to run towards town). It cannot safely be done any other way. Green Lane/Circular Drive etc residents will be badly affected as well as the bus. There continues to be much ongoing discussion about this but H&S issues are driving it.

6. Winkwell Drive: The planning committee will meet to discuss this in August. Revised plans are open for comment to the Council. Jennifer will put together a response from WPRA if people will send their comments to her. There has been a suggestion of a public meeting at the end of July but it was felt that this will achieve little, comments to the Council are more important.

7. CRAG: Pauline had circulated documents related to three matters for discussion: A survey on local policing, escooters and Clockwise. The latter has had a huge impact on businesses in the city. Signage for those coming into the city if very poor or non-existent and the scheme does not flow. Comments to be in by next Monday.

8. Newsletter/media: The June newsletter was not put together particularly well with community items not at the forefront. A comment was made on the frequent free advertising of the Interiors Shop and it was decided to spotlight different local shops/businesses in future issues and make sure people pay for their advertising.
No progress on website, Colin to ask Dave to create a Member’s Zone.
Our Facebook page has huge membership but there has been growing unpleasantness and Admins called in to delete posts on a daily basis. It was decided to close down the current page and start a new one for WPRA members only. This should be discussed with Dave Craggs who was not at the meeting. Colin and Annemarie offered to assist as all members will have to be checked that they are paid up members.

After the meeting, on Friday 2nd July, Penny posted onto the FB page warning of closure at the end of the month to be replaced by a ‘WPRA Members’ FB page open for paid up WPRA members. The idea was that Colin would be able to take new or renewing memberships at the Surgery on the Saturday morning. This produced an outpouring of uninformed and abusive comments, so much so that Penny has now withdrawn as Admin on the FB page, and has removed herself from the page. Colin reported that he had received quite a few subscriptions on the Saturday morning.

A lot of supportive messages were also received and many from users ‘out of area’ explaining how useful they find the site. Consequently it has been decided that we will continue to administer the WPRA page as an open page, but the rules of use will be strengthened and applied rigorously. The content will be monitored and reviewed on a frequent basis. A moderating sub-committee has been established to share the load of administering the page consisting of Jennifer, Dave, Sue B and Annemarie.

9. Evergreen: still suspended. July meeting now cancelled. May start in August.

10. Gardening Club: still no meetings but a garden visit had taken place.

11. AOB: 65 Lache Lane. The occupant has had planning permission refused twice to squeeze another house onto his site. He has now put a mobile home on hardstanding. This is permitted by the council as is occupation during renovation works. If anyone has any comments contact Neil Sullivan who is looking into it.

Conversation about local plan: Redrow has an ‘interest’ in Decoy Farm and it would appear their next development site will be in that area. CWAC has plenty of housing now but nationally more housing is required. We will need another generation of committee/subcommittee members to get involved to stop another huge development. This will be highlighted in the next Newsletter to get people and Councillors involved.

Boundary changes: These are Parliamentary boundary changes that are proposed for Chester, to divide the city into two with the River Dee as the dividing line; we would be ‘South Cheshire’, a rural constituency. CWAC would remain covering the whole city…. Breaking up the city cannot be seen as a good move. Any comments need to be received by 2nd August. Pauline will circulate an item about it.

Tracey Casey had asked for us to discuss fundraising for a defibrillator at the Park for football etc groups using it. It was pointed out that there was one at the Tennis Club which was part funded by the Councillors for all park users in an emergency. One should be sufficient. Better signage would be put up. Sue said that the coaches of the Football Club and other sports clubs already have information on it and how to access the defibrillator. Sue will put up posters and talk to Nick Stark. The park is actually not in our remit.

Penny has offered to chase up removal of the red pick-up truck that has been parked at the shops for over a month now. Sue will forward the email conversation she has had with Neil Sullivan already, Jennifer will forward landlord contact.

12. Next meeting: Wednesday 4th August at 8pm, probably on Zoom?

July 1, 2021
by Jennifer Crew

Update on road works on Lache Lane

Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council have made an Order the effect of which will be to temporarily restrict traffic one way on Lache Lane from the junction of Greenacre Road to the junction of Whaddon Drive with access into town but no access out to Dodleston from Lache to enable utility works to be carried out by Welsh Water.

The Order will come into force on 8th July 2021 and it is anticipated that the works requiring this closure will take approximately four weeks to complete.  There will be further work after this, but it is hoped that they will then be able to use traffic light controls.

Our Councillor Neil Sullivan says:

‘CWAC Highways is of the view that on the grounds of highway safety there is no option but to carry out the first section of Lache Lane work under one way restrictions. This will be reviewed as the job progresses and when the work area shortens then traffic lights will be used.

‘I think we have to accept the professional judgement of our highways Department on this matter. I know it will be disruptive for some of our residents.’

Regarding buses to Dodleston and Kinnerton, the CWaC Transport & Infrastructure team have advised:

‘Buses travelling from Chester to Dodleston will need to divert, but return journeys from Dodleston to Chester can operate normal route. In order to maintain the schedule within existing resources, outbound buses will operate non-stop via the A483 and Rough Hill to Dodleston (or Kinnerton) then drop off passengers for Westminster Park on the return journey. Most daytime journeys terminate at Dodleston, so the journey home to Westminster Park may take around 15 minutes longer. We will ask Stagecoach to publicise these arrangements on the bus and drivers will be briefed accordingly.’

WPRA has suggested that the bus should make a couple of stops on Wrexham Road to allow residents off who prefer to walk rather than take the round trip.

The temporary road changes are being introduced after extensive dialogue between local residents, WPRA, Cheshire West Highways team, Redrow/Taylor Wimpey, Dwr Cymru /Welsh Water and local councillors Razia Daniels, Val Armstrong and Neil Sullivan.

May 12, 2021
by Jennifer Crew

Severn Trent maintenance work on Green Lane and Boundary Lane

They are installing large meters to measure how much water is being used.  Work will start on Saturday 29 May 2021 and will be completed by 13 June 2021. They are working over the weekend and Bank Holiday to minimise disruption. Please be aware that although they will try to stick to these dates, they may change due to circumstances beyond their control.

Please see the attached for more detail and a map of exact locations.

Download (PDF, 534KB)

May 12, 2021
by Penny White




Held on Wednesday 28th April 2021 on Zoom


Present: WPRA Committee: Jennifer Crew, Colin Dollimore, Sue Britton, Penny White, Brian Westcott, Olwen Bellis, Annemarie Macfadyen, Richard Short, Pauline Brown, Sandra Magilton, Susan Eva, David Craggs, Karen Liddle.
CWAC Councillors: Razia Daniels, Neil Sullivan.
Residents: Mary and Dick Pole, Pat Eadie and Steve McMahon, Roger and Sheila Todd, Christine Westcott, Linda and Stewart Shuttleworth, Tim Whalley, Lisa Childs, Peter and Moir Cocker, Pauline Hannon, Mike Pollard, Nick Ryan.

Apologies: Tracey Casey, Jackie Attrill, Veronica Gay, Louise Glastbury.

1. Minutes of last meeting held on 9th July 2020. Agreed as a true record by those who attended. No matters arising. Proposed: Colin Dollimore, Seconded: Brian Westcott

2. Chairman’s Report: It has been an honour and a privilege to serve as chair for another year, and what a year! Or rather nine months, as our last AGM was held later than normal in July 2020 owing to the Covid pandemic.
The pandemic has continued to have a significant impact on our activities as an association and as a community. This has particularly affected the older members of our community who have faced continued social isolation as many of their normal activities have been cancelled and not all have been able to adapt to meetings online. We have been unable to organise our usual quizzes at the community centre and it was with great sadness that we cancelled our Christmas lights celebration with Belgrave Primary School, although we did still install some new lights which helped to cheer up the dark days of winter. This year’s Summer Fayre has also been a casualty for the second year running.
However, this is not to say that we have not been busy!
• Membership – Colin Dollimore joined the committee last year with the objective of increasing the number of members of the association and has delivered. We are pleased to report that we now have over 440 members, compared to 341 in 2020. Some of these new members have come from the Lache Park Avenue area which was not previously included in our area of benefit. I will talk more about this in Item 7 of the Agenda. Others have come from the new King’s Moat development on Wrexham Road. But it is Colin’s efforts and enthusiasm that have made a significant difference.
• One bright spot in the middle of last year was the Summer Lockdown art exhibition for young people was held at a shop near to Storyhouse.
• Our local support network has continued through the second lockdown, but demand has now tailed off. Huge thanks again to all our volunteering neighbours.
• Wrexham Road development – King’s Moat. Flooding in Jan and Feb and the subsequent noise of generators and pumps has caused much upset. Our sub-committee met with Redrow and TW, and complaints were passed on to the Council. Many thanks to Brian Westcott for pursuing this.
• Proposed development on field bordered by Lache lane, Winkwell Drive and Lower Field Road – a consultation was held by the developers in July and August. A planning application was submitted in January and our objection was submitted at the end of March. Thanks to all residents for sending me copies of their comments to enable me to put together a submission representative of their views. Particular thanks to Howard Williams and Karen Liddle for freely giving their time to help with this.
• Improvements at shops – the planters have brightened up the space through winter and spring. Three new trees were planted along the grassy area by the pharmacy at beginning of December, including a permanent Christmas tree. This area has also been enhanced by the planting of crocus bulbs to add to the daffodils that were already there, making a colourful spring display. Thanks to Colin Dollimore and the Rotary Club and our Gardening Club for planting them.
• Council consultations on our green spaces – Wildflower and Grassland strategy and Parks and Green Spaces strategies. WPRA response sent in January. Thanks to Mary Pole of Gardening Club and Anne Pritchard of Incredible Edible for their input. We are looking forward to working with the Council to make improvements to the green spaces in our neighbourhood, many of which have been neglected.
• Keeping residents well informed is an important part of our role.
• Newsletter – has expanded to 12 pages to allow us to cover more items of news and in more depth. Now have a circulation of 1700 including Lache Park Avenue and King’s Moat. Grateful thanks to Adina Hilgard and Andrea Hopkinson for their enormous contribution to the production of the newsletter and to Alan Birch for taking on the management of distribution of the newsletter. Last but not least, thank you to all of the volunteers who pace the streets every quarter to deliver them to every household in our neighbourhood.
• News in a more immediate form is distributed via our website and very active Facebook page which now has over 1200 members. My thanks to Penny White for taking on the unenviable job of administrator alongside Dave Craggs to try to keep comments informative and civil!
• Membership of the Chester Residents’ Association Group, together with 16 other residents’ associations. Engaging strategically with the council and other stakeholders in the city at a vital time for its regeneration and being involved in the revision of the One City plan.

Our thoughts are at last turning to the future as thankfully many more people have received the vaccine. We are hopeful that as we emerge from this second lockdown we can begin to look forward to resuming some of our former activities, including our social events.
I would like to thank our Councillors Neil Sullivan and Razia Daniels for their tremendous support during this period. Aside from the highlights that I have mentioned this evening, there are many other concerns that have arisen during the year which we have referred to them and I am grateful for the attention which is given to these matters, generally with a speedy resolution. We are also indebted to them for their financial support which has enabled us to buy the planters and the additional Christmas lights for the trees at the shops.
Finally I would like to thank everyone on the committee for their hard work throughout the year – in addition to numerous others who have given their time freely and willingly – to help WPRA continue its work for our community. My fellow officers Colin, Penny and Sue have been great supports during what has not been an easy year for me personally.
My particular thanks go to Sandra Magilton for keeping us on track with our finances as Treasurer over the last four years. She decided to stand down at the end of 2020 and will present her final financial report in a few moments. Happily, I am very pleased to say that she is continuing as a member of the committee. I am also very grateful to Sue Britton for offering to take up the position of Treasurer in January. Huge thanks also go to our auditor Nick Ryan who kindly continues to oversee our accounts.
That concludes my report. Let’s hope that we can all meet up in person before too long.
Jennifer Crew, Chair

Neil Sulllivan gave an update on the Winkwell development plan. He reported that there are a number of areas the Planning Officers are not happy with and may refuse it. The application will be going into Committee during the first week of July, depending on changes made to the scheme. There is good reason for local residents to continue to liaise with the Council.

Lisa Childs commented on plans for a one way system on Lache Lane for six weeks while works on drainage for Kings Moat take place. Highways are still working on the plan as they recognise that these works will be going on from June onwards at the same time as resurfacing on Wrexham Road. This will cause lots of disruption.

3. Treasurer’s Annual Report: As you will appreciate there has been very little movement in 2020, but I will briefly go through the income and expenditure.
Subscriptions slightly increased by 4% on last year and the total of £1143 represents 381 households, which is 29% of the community circulation. This of course does not include Lache Park Avenue, which will come into the final accounts for 2021. Advertising has increased by 49%. This is due to a small increase in the charge of advertising space and additionally more businesses signing up.
The only other income was grants from the Councillors Members’ Budget. The overspend on the planters was due to a shortfall in the grant received for the purchase of the planters, the upkeep (i.e. seasonal watering) and the replanting with winter stock, which unfortunately we were not successful in obtaining a further grant.
The newsletter printing has increased by 11% as a result of expanding the publications from 8 sheets to 12 sheets in the last 3 issues. The licence increase is due to the purchase of a one off, we hope, ‘Zoom’ licence at a cost of £115.
Despite a deficit of £387, WPRA bank balance remains healthy at £3,374.
Evergreen 55+ club activities, have been suspended throughout 2020, so very little movement in their accounts. A balance of £1,565 is held in WPRA bank account for their future use.
May I thank Nick Ryan for continuing to give his time as our Independent Examiner, for reviewing and approving my 2020 Accounts
I would also like to extend a thank you, on behalf of WPRA, to our Councillors, for their continued support again in 2020.
Finally, I have enjoyed my four years as WPRA Treasurer. This role has now been passed into the capable hands of Sue Britton as Treasurer and Colin Dollimore as Membership Officer. I am sure they will perform well in their respective roles and I look forward, along with the rest of the committee, to receiving their reports in the future.
This concludes my final report at year end 2020. Proposed: Neil Sullivan Seconded Annemarie Macfadyen.
4. Approval of affiliation to CRAG: Our constitution states that should we wish to seek affiliation to any local, regional or national organisation such affiliations should be approved by a majority vote at a General Meeting.
This evening I am seeking your approval for WPRA to become a member of the Chester Residents Association Group (CRAG). Formed in 2019, this group has 17 member organisations and its objective is to make Chester an even better place to live, work and visit. They aim to do this by working with local stakeholders such as the Council, Police, Chester Bid and so on.
Their constitution was put on our website in February for information and comment.
Pauline Brown and I have been working with CRAG to develop strategies and proposals to help address the top five issues identified by member residents’ associations:
• Communication
• Homelessness and anti-social behaviour
• Traffic management and parking
• Public realm
• One City Plan
These are now the basis of discussions with local stakeholders. One tangible result of our interim membership of CRAG is that we have been receiving much more information about activity in the city and have been able to feed this on to our membership via our website and Facebook page.
Initially we joined on a trial basis, but would now like to consolidate our membership. I believe that there are distinct advantages in being part of a larger residents’ voice in Chester and seek your approval to confirm our membership.
I propose that WPRA should become a full member of CRAG. Seconded: Annemarie Macfadyen
Approval granted by majority show of hands.

5. Changes to items 2 and 7 of the WPRA Constitution: There are two small amendments that we would like to make to the constitution. One relates to our area of benefit and the other to the use of digital resources for meetings.
Over many years we have been asked by residents of Lache Park Avenue and surrounding streets if they could join WPRA as they do not have their own residents’ association to represent their interests. We decided therefore to canvas their opinion last September to see if there was a general desire to join us. The returns were unanimously in favour of joining and we therefore made membership available to them in January 2021. However, this requires an amendment to our area of benefit as described in the constitution.

The area of benefit for the Residents Association is that area known as Westminster Park in the local government district of the City of Chester, being defined as follows:
All of that area bounded by Green Lane (from Lache Lane to Circular Drive), Circular Drive, Lache Lane, Cranford Court, Lache Park Avenue and surrounding streets, Wrexham Road and a line drawn from the southernmost Herons Way roundabout on the Wrexham Road back to the junction of Green Lane and Lache Lane.

The second amendment is more of an update to include the use of digital platforms to hold meetings as well as bricks and mortar.

a. Annual General Meetings
Once in each calendar year an Annual General Meeting of the Residents Association shall be held at such time and place as the General Committee shall determine (including digitally), being not more than fifteen calendar months after the adoption of this constitution and thereafter not more than fifteen calendar months after the holding of the previous Annual. General Meeting. At least 21 clear days’ notice shall be posted in conspicuous places in the area of benefit and advertised by any other means that the General Committee may deem appropriate.
Proposed: Sandra Magilton Seconded: Brian Westcott
The change was approved by majority show of hands.

6. Appointment of Committee Honorary Officers: Chairman, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and General Committee Members (max of 12 in addition to Hon Officers)
Vice Chair – Colin Dollimore, Secretary – Penny White and myself have all agreed to stand again if re-elected. As I said in my report, Sandra previously announced her intention to stand down as Treasurer, but Sue Britton has volunteered to take up the post if re-elected.
We have not received any nominations to join the committee (we do have 2 vacancies) nor to contest any of the officers’ posts. Karen Liddle will join the Committee as a full Committee member.
The other current members of the committee have also all offered to continue on the committee if re-elected.
May I suggest that the committee is voted in en bloc. Proposed: Dick Pole Seconded: Neil Sullivan. The committee was voted in en bloc by majority show of hands.

7. Items to be discussed/AOB:
Question – Does WPRA have any information on how much money and where the Community Infrastructure Levy from the King’s Moat development will be spent?
Neil Sullivan responded that he will investigate and report back. This will apply to all developments, including Sherbourne Avenue and The Orchard. It could possibly go into educational/medical capital funding. There was a suggestion that the Westminster Park café/changing rooms/toilets etc needs rebuilding which the Councillors agree with and suggest a sub group is formed to make a plan and see what funding is available.

Informal litter picking takes place around Westminster Park by residents. The Council is looking for a ‘Your Streets Champion’ who would like to co-ordinate regular clean ups or litter-picking events. If anyone is interested in acting as a Your Streets Champion, could they please contact Jennifer Crew.
There were comments about the gullies and drains needing weedkilling and jetting. The Council also needs to empty litterbins more often.

Tim Freeman-Dean has left the committee but will liaise with Lache Park Avenue matters.

More detail on green spaces ‘going wild’ is required: at present areas are being looked at that would be appropriate for more planting, etc.

The meeting closed at 9pm.

Audited year end accounts will follow.