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August 5, 2017
by Jennifer Crew

Fir Tree Avenue Residents furious with “high-handed” Dee Valley Water

Residents of Westminster Park are furious at Dee Valley Water’s decision to move ahead with the construction of a pumping station, despite the fact that plans have not yet been brought before the Council’s planning committee.

Only late on Wednesday 2 August this week, did householders on Fir Tree Avenue receive notification that preparatory work will start on Monday 7 August to construct the pumping station on a grassed area with mature trees situated between Fir Tree Avenue and the Wrexham Road.

Plans for this work, however, have only just been submitted to the council and have yet to be considered by the Planning Committee.  Further to objections by residents, local Westminster Park councillors Neil Sullivan and Razia Daniels have called the plans in for closer scrutiny.

Fir Tree residents, Stephen and Carolyn Barnwell are incensed by the arrogant attitude of Dee Valley Water.  “This last minute notification is typical of the high-handed way in which this project has been conducted,” fumed Stephen.  “Back in April, without any consultation, and without any intention of applying for planning permission, Dee Valley posted a notice on a nearby fence informing us of their intention to build a pumping station the size of a double garage opposite our house.  Further to our objections, they have submitted plans to Cheshire West and Chester Council.

“However now, with breathless arrogance, they have decided that they do not need to wait for planning approval and will proceed anyway,” he added.

From the first, residents have questioned why there is a need for the pumping station, and why it needs to be situated in Fir Tree Avenue.  Dee Valley Water claims that it is necessary to meet OfWat’s requirements for resilience in the water supply, but residents are sure that it has more to do with ensuring that there is a good supply to the proposed housing development further down Wrexham Road.

The residents have instigated meetings with Dee Valley Water, which were also attended by MP Chris Matheson and local councillor Neil Sullivan, to request consideration of other possible sites. Chris Matheson has sent a letter to the Council objecting to the plans.

Brian Westcott of the Westminster Park Residents’ Association believes that this pumping station should not be located on Fir Tree Avenue.  He says that it should be part of the new development on Wrexham Road.

“Dee Valley Water will need to produce a wider strategy for water supply to the area taking account of the Wrexham Road development,” he explained, “and this pumping station should be incorporated into those plans.”

“We are very concerned about the effects of this pumping station so close to local houses, and the damage that is going to be caused to the trees screening the houses from the Wrexham Road,” he continued.  “This area is part of the buffer zone between the Westminster Park estate and the Wrexham Road and we are sure that there are alternative sites in the new development that could accommodate this pumping station and be less damaging to the environment.”


Caption: Carolyn Barnwell and Brian Westcott on the site of the proposed pumping station on Fir Tree Avenue.


June 28, 2017
by Jennifer Crew

Plans for Wrexham Road Development submitted

The first of four planning applications to build 1400 houses on the Wrexham Road site have been submitted to CWAC.  Another three more applications are expected in the coming weeks.

This first application contains two parts: Part A which requests full planning permission to build 509 dwellings to the south of the site, and Part B which concerns outline planning permission for the associated infrastructure including shops, a health centre, pub, and nursery.  These plans contain a vast amount of information, in 47 separate documents, which will take a long time to download and read.

The other applications are likely to be a similar size.

It is important that these applications are carefully scrutinised to ensure that the new development is built to the highest possible standards and that it does not have a negative impact on surrounding areas.

You can find details of the applications on the CWAC website at: https://pa.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk/online-applications/

Search for reference: 17/02453/OUT.

We already have a subcommittee which will be examining the plans, but in light of the amount of content to be studied would welcome some assistance.  If you have any knowledge and/or expertise in planning matters, construction, drainage, traffic management, environment, education and healthcare provision or any other aspect of land development, we would like to hear from you.  Please ring Jennifer Crew on 01244 680364 or Brian Westcott on 01244 675431.

Jennifer Crew

Brian Westcott

April 17, 2017
by Dave Craggs



Come and join us and test your knowledge for this fun interactive evening.  Tables will be set for 6 people so bring along a team or just come on your own and join in with others.  Each table will have a different board with pictures/places to identify, these will then be rotated round the room. There will be a prize for the winning table.

Supper will be a choice of either chicken or vegetable curry with rice and naan bread or for those who would prefer, a pasta dish with salad will be on offer. This to be followed by delicious desserts

Our quiz evenings are always very popular and places are limited. Tickets are available priced £7 from ‘al dente’ or from any Committee member (see WP News for contact list).

We look forward to seeing many of you joining us.

Sandra Magilton, (01244 677373)

WPRA Committee Member

April 12, 2017
by Dave Craggs

Annual General Meeting



The above AGM is to be held to report on the Association’s activities in the past year and elect Committee Officers and members.

April 7, 2017
by Dave Craggs

Travellers in Westminster Park

I am sorry to report another unauthorised encampment by travellers in Westminster Park yesterday evening, 7 April, this time comprising three vehicles and two caravans which are parked in front of the café block. The council and police were informed straightaway and they are now dealing with the matter. As trespass is a civil rather than a criminal issue, the council will be seeking court authorisation for eviction as soon as possible.

Coming only nine months after the previous incident, renewed questions are already being asked by local residents and park users as to whether more permanent protective measures are appropriate such as access barriers or a  permanent injunction.

David Guyton


Friends of Westminster Park

March 30, 2017
by Dave Craggs

Council Planning Committee Meeting 4 April 2017 – Wrexham Road Housing Development

Dear Resident

Further to the consultation about this development held at the Lache Community Centre in October, you may be interested to know that the development brief prepared by Paycause is now being put before the Planning Committee for approval.  The meeting of the Planning Committee will be held at 4pm on Tuesday, 4 April 2017  in Room G1, HQ Building, 58 Nicholas Street, Chester, CH1 2NP

Item 11 on the Agenda is the Wrexham Road (Chester) Strategic Allocation – Development Brief for Land at Wrexham Road, Chester.  Here is a link to the Agenda and documents to be considered:


This is a public meeting and any resident may attend.  If you do intend to go, we would be interested to know.  Please could you contact me by phone on 01244 675431 (If large numbers are expected, we will alert the Council.)

Alternatively, the meeting will be webcast live and can be watched at http://www.cheshirewestandchester.public-i.tv/core/

Brian Westcott,

Westminster Park Residents’ Association