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Apple Pressing 19th & 20th October 2013

19th October = Westminster Park Shops
20th October = Westminster Park café inside the park

Bring your apples 10am-2pm on either day for pressing into delicious juice! Chopping tables will be available, but please chop at home first to avoid the queue, and don’t forget to bring your containers for the juice!

The apple pressing helps to raise awareness of Chester’s ‘Incredible Edible’ project which aims to promote local food growing by residents around Chester’s suburbs and the town centre.

Last year the event was very popular and many residents brought along their apples and happily produced delicious juice which they took away. The event prompted interest from passers by, who were curious about what was happening and provided an opportunity to talk about healthy juice, cider making and the fact that good food was available locally for not very much money or free!

This year we have extended the apple pressing for an extra day inside the park itself, which in collaboration with the CWaC green spaces rangers and the ‘Friends of Westminster Park’, will extend a corner of the park for additional fruit trees as a free food source for local residents.

See you on October 19th or 20th with your chopped apples!


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