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Attempted Burglary & Health Screening

We have just received this from Jim Moffat:

Nick, I have just been made aware that on Thursday evening, between 1730 and 1930, thiefs attempted to crowbar open the front double glazed door of a house in Lower Field Road. They were unsuccessful in gaining entry but obviously caused some damage to the door. Neighbours had not noticed or heard anything

The police have been made aware of this and it is possible the thiefs used the ploy of appearing to be delivering free newspapers so they didn’t attract attention. It is also possible that as the residents own a local business that they were specifically targeted by the thiefs thinking there may be money from the business in the house.

It also appears that Asian families are being targeted by thiefs due to their cultural habit of having gold jewellery and trinkets in the house. 

Could you please put something on the website about this and pass on to fellow Home Watch Co-ords. The following Also is worthy of note

 NHS AAA Screening Programme for males over 65

 There appears to be a distinct lack of publicity to the fact that the NHS has introduced a screening programme for abdominal aortic aneurysms for males at the age of 65. Males over the age of 65 can be prone to these and a simple ultrasound scan can check if you have one.

 The programme will invite all males for screening during the year they turn 65. However if you are over 65 you can approach the regional coordination offices in your area to self refer yourself for checking (aaa.screening.nhs.uk) If you are online and Google the NHS AAA screening programme you can select your area and get the contact number for your area or you can email aaa.screening@nhs.net. Of course you could always make enquiries with your GP.

 I have been monitoring the introduction phase in of this programme for when Chester went active and have just had my screening check at Western Avenue Health Clinic in Blacon. It is painless and takes about 20 mins to carry out and you are given the results there and then.

 I have asked a number of fellow over 65’s males if they were aware of this programme and they pleaded ignorance to it. I feel we should publicise both on our website and in the next newsletter. Could you pease pass this on to the Committee also.


 Jim Moffat

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