Westminster Park Residents Association

Bringing our community alive

Report from the Westminster Park Residents’ Association committee meeting held on 29th April.


Plans for seating and bus shelter near the shops have been abandoned.

Discussions are continuing regarding the New Homes Bonus.

The AGM was held on 15th April. Derek and Mandy Butler stood down from the Committee, Rosemary Mason and Richard Lewis have joined, otherwise unchanged with Brian Westcott Chairman, Pauline Brown now Vice Chairman, Nick Ryan Treasurer and Penny White Secretary.

Wrexham Road Development: a subcommittee has been formed of Brian Westcott, Nick Ryan, Bob Tricklebank and Ian Gilfoyle and a meeting has been set up with the Developers on 1st June.

The Sherbourne Avenue application has been refused.

Jennifer Crew is taking over as Newsletter editor after the June issue.

A Quiz is to be held on Saturday 31st October.

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