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Can you do our VE Day Quiz?


Our resident quizmaster Colin Dollimore has put together a quiz to keep you entertained on VE Day.  Here are the questions.  The answers will be posted on Friday evening (or Saturday morning if I forget!)  Good luck!


1 Who was the British Prime Minister on VE DAY ?

2 What was the date of VJ day ?

3 Who was the British Prime Minister on VJ day ?

4 Which American was Supreme Allied Commander in Europe ?

5 Who was the US President on VE day  ?

6 Who was the US President on VJ day ?

7 Where did the main people’s party take place on VE day ?

8 What were Winston Churchill’s middle names ?

9 Was bread rationed in WW2 ?

10 When did sweet rationing end?

11 Were fruit and vegetables rationed ?

12 What was the last item to be de-rationed ?

13 In which two Japanese cities were nuclear bombs detonated in August 1945 ?

14 Adolf Hitler predicted WW2 in his memoirs published in 1925. What were they called ?

15 On what date was Pearl Harbour attacked by the Japanese ?

16 What was the codename for the D-Day invasion.

17 Which American first recorded ‘American Patrol ‘ ?

18 What rank did Glenn Miller attain in the Army/Airforce Band ?

19 How old was Vera Lynn on VE day ?

20 What was Vera Lynn’s only charted No 1 single in the UK ?

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