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Calling all budding young artists and writers!


Send us your entries for the WPRA LOCKDOWN SUMMER 2020 EXHIBITION

 To celebrate the achievements of the younger generation under lockdown, we would like to give our young people (up to the age of 18), the opportunity to showcase a piece of visual art, a film, a poem or a story that will be enjoyed by our community.

We are asking for contributions of works on the broad subject of ‘Lockdown’ which could, for example, include art inspired by this unprecedented time, art that has been created due to the opportunity to notice nature, or art demonstrating the development of new skills.

The ‘Lockdown’ exhibits will be displayed on the WPRA website, Facebook page and in the September issue of WP News.

Please send any contributions digitally by email to: chair@wp-ra.org.uk by Friday 31 July 2020.

Please also complete the attached form and send it to us with the contribution to confirm that WPRA has permission to publish the piece with the name and age of the child/student. This could just be a first name.

The committee reserves the right to select pieces that meet the objectives of the exhibition and, depending on the level of interest, may need to limit the amount of work that is exhibited.

We are looking forward very much to receiving your art work and having the opportunity to share it with our local community.

Download (DOCX, 16KB)

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