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The Westminster Park Community Centre is a potentially invaluable facility for the local area, but at the moment it is very much underused.  I have been talking to some of the committee members about starting off a new karate class in the New Year, but there is so much else that could be done there, Things like yoga, dancing, tai chi springs to mind.

I think it would be a good idea to promote the centre and make people aware of the facilities and activities that currently go on and hopefully start off a few more. If we can get more interest we could look at what improvements that could be done to make the community centre more attractive.

I would like to hear from anyone interested taking up dancing, yoga, karate or any other activities that may be of interest.

Please use the comments section or use the contact form or just give me a call on 07711009041.


  1. Hi, I’m Sue Sutherland.

    Spoke to you recently about being interested in running art groups at the centre and sent my details – I will drop along some posters which may/may not raise some interest.

  2. https://sites.google.com/site/artportfolio2suesutherland/


    Will pop along shortly to deliver some posters/leaflets to see if there is any interest in running art workshops?

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