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Minutes of the WP-RA Committee Meeting 18th January 2012


Present:  Olwen Bellis, Dave Craggs, Susan Eva, Sandra Magilton, David Pilling, Brian Westcott,

Sue Britton, Julie Sams, Mark Sams, Leah Crewe, Allan Stobie, Nick Ryan & Richard Short

Apologies:  Mary Pole & Lesley Morris

1. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING The minutes of the previous meeting held on 9th November 2011 were reviewed and accepted as accurate.
2. MATTERS ARISING Road markings at Claypit and Rushfield Road have now been carried out. CCTV – Use of camera by residents above the Co-Op will continue unless anyone else requests use.
3.   TREASURER’S REPORT NR reported that accounts are nearly ready for auditing.  Surplus of £300 and a very healthy balance from last year. 2012 subscriptions are well ahead.  147 residents have provided email addresses.
4.   NEWSLETTER/MEDIA Contact MP for advertising .  Copy by mid February. For sale section on web page. Consolidate Facebook entry.  Encourage users with offer of voucher from local shops. DC suggested newsletter for Westminster Park (like Overleigh Roundabout) which would be funded by advertising and produced annually.  Dave will put together a draft for next meeting.  It would be distributed with Forum Newseletter.     LC/DC/MS   DC/LC     DC
5. OVER 60S CLUB 84 people attended first meeting.  Club to be called Evergreen will meet monthly ~ it will have a separate committee and 9 people volunteered.  Suggested annual subscription is £10 pa and there would be a nominal fee charged at each session (more if a speaker attended or food provided).  Session would run for 1.5 hours with suggested topics:  history of Chester, healthy eating, gardening tips, environmental issues, IT session, concerts/ theatre trip, games (quiz, bingo, beetle drive, scrabble), choir, community help. SM & AS to meet initially to plan programme with a speaker for first meeting. WPCC availability is limited.  Hire of hall is £10 per hour.  WPRA insurance covers public liability and legal expenses.  Broker to be notified of extra events.  LC’s Father will read through paperwork to check.                 AS/SM   NR/LC
6. NOTICEBOARD Agreed that all posters should be no larger than A5 size and that adverts should be placed on a small postcard.  Noticeboard will remain as it is for the time being.  DP and AS are the keyholders.
7. WPRA:  AREA OF BENEFIT Ramsden Court (off Green Lane) is included in the WPRA area.
8.   GARDENING CLUB The next meeting of the Gardening Club will be Wednesday, 28 March 2012. Paul and Sylvia Makin will give an illustrated talk on how they designed and developed their garden in Cavendish Road.   Plant swap as usual. MP will put something in the Newsletter. Daffodils coming up on.  Mike Pollard willing to help plant more.         MP JS
9.   SOCIAL EVENTS Musical evening has been arranged for Saturday 3rd March at 8 pm in WPCC.  70 tickets are available, of which 19 have been sold.  SM to organise supper (£250 budget) and Chester Operatic Society will cost £275.  BW has tickets for sale.     SM BW


It was agreed that thank you notes would be sent to volunteers but not gifts/  flowers.



Jubilee celebrations to include WPRA, WPCC, School, Scouts & local councillors.  SB to speak to Belgrave to see if they have any plans in place.  Suggested date 1st June.  Committee to be formed with representatives of all interested parties.  BW volunteered for WPRA.  WPRA to work with WPCC to promote Jubilee celebrations and to engage with any other events to the benefit of Westminster Park residents.

  SB     BW


Dave to liaise with WPCC about an Open Day at the Community Centre.  This should include all user groups and local community organisations.



Friends of Dukes Drive inaugural meeting will be held on Wednesday 25th January at Eccleston Church Hall at 6 pm. AGM will be held on Wednesday 4th April 2012 at 7.30 pm in the Scout Hut. SB to book.  Cost is £12 per hour.

14.   DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 25th April at 17 Vincent Drive.


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