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Last chance to comment on the proposed development for 21 dwellings on the Winkwell Drive pond and field between Lache Lane, Lower Field Road and Rowcliffe Avenue


The proposed development by Blueoak Estates to build 21 houses on Winkwell field will come before the planning committee this Thursday 22 July.  If you have any comments to make about their revised scheme, they need to be submitted now.

Please note, if you commented back in December/January, you need to resubmit your objection because revised plans were submitted in June and they are treated as new.

 Points you may wish to comment on include:

  • These plans should be refused because this is a Local Wildlife Site, designated by our Council. This development will destroy over 70% of it. No measures have been put in place to prevent the remaining part of the site being developed in the future.
  • This will be a high density development of very tall houses situated very close to the boundaries of existing houses, some just 1-2 metres. Local residents will be significantly overlooked and impacted by the loss of privacy.
  • Because of the underlying clay, this area is subject to flooding as experienced by Rowcliffe Avenue/Merton Drive residents this winter. Part of the flood avoidance plan is to use the residents’ gardens to retain the water, but no conditions are in place to ensure that they don’t put patios or sheds on them.  Where is the water going to go?
  • Properties bordering the access road from Lache Lane will have traffic passing very close to their houses. No sound barrier treatments have been proposed.
  • CWAC housing completions are far in excess of targets – there is no need for these houses.

Comments can be submitted via the Council’s website https://www.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk/residents/planning-and-building-control/planning-and-building-control.aspx and need to refer to application number 20/04861/FUL


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